Want to be able to debug your plugin code and forget all about plugin-traces? Want to be able to create tests which can validate that your implemented business logic works as intended - including what you wrote several years ago? XrmMockup is a test-framework that can simulate your D365 environment locally, along with any plugin and workflow code you have.

I will be going through how to set up XrmMockup, how it works and what exactly it is capable of. With XrmMockup you can perform unit- and integration tests of your D365 pipeline. XrmMockup automatically runs plugins and workflows in the right order, even automatically triggering other plugins and workflows. At the same time, the security model of D365 is enforced just as it would be in your live D365 system.

XrmMockup will provide your tests with an organization service. Using this, your tests can query XrmMockup with any organization request - just like your live D365 system. This means all your business logic is run locally which allows you, as a developer, to set breakpoints and debug your business logic - instead of looking at traces in D365.

I will showcase XrmMockup by implementing some simple business logic using test driven development.




Dynamics Power Barcelona 2020


Magnus Gether Sørensen

As a Computer Scientist and Engineer, that loves to improve the way I work, I push the limitations of the xRM SDK daily. My goal as a developer for xRM is to make the developer experience easier for my colleagues. I do this by creating developer tools. Thus, I have gotten the nickname xRM Tooling Wizard. My goal is to bring best practices from both the academic- and real world into the world of Business Applications - and where else applicable.

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