Have you ever tried writing JavaScript that interacts with D365? You need to know the EXACT logicalname of each attribute and control you want to interact with, and you have no way of knowing whether those controls are on the form or not. It's a hassle.

This is not unique to D365, you never know whether your JavaScript code works until you run it. Thus, TypeScript was created. By using TypeScript, you get compile time errors instead of runtime errors. This removes the feeling of coding in blindness.

In this talk, I will show you how to write client-side code for D365 - and enjoy it. I will show how TypeScript and XrmDefinitelyTyped work together to ensure that controls you access are on the form, and helps you interact with them. I will show how to make queries to D365 through the Web API - in a type safe manner.

Throughout the demonstration I will show you a one-click web resource synchronization script, as well as a way of testing your web resources locally with Fiddler and Imposter.




Dynamics Power Barcelona 2020


Magnus Gether Sørensen

As a Computer Scientist and Engineer, that loves to improve the way I work, I push the limitations of the xRM SDK daily. My goal as a developer for xRM is to make the developer experience easier for my colleagues. I do this by creating developer tools. Thus, I have gotten the nickname xRM Tooling Wizard. My goal is to bring best practices from both the academic- and real world into the world of Business Applications - and where else applicable.

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