For most beer styles, the appropriate drinking temperature should be between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius. What would happen at Oktoberfest in Munich if a system error occurred and the beer started to heat up and a series of dissatisfied customers prolonged?

The presentation will show a practical example of the use of modern technologies when the brewing machine fails - when the IoT device detects that the temperature in the beer barrel has risen, it automatically creates a repair order in the CRM system and "sends" the servicer to the field. As the field service technician encounters a repair problem, he or she connects with a remote assistant to a technician at the service center who, with the exact instructions of the field service technician, leads the repair of the dispenser. When the work order is completed, the ERP automatically generates an invoice for the service provider.

We will also check whether we have successfully corrected the fault and cooled the beer to a suitable temperature.




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Andrej ńĆernivec

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