In this intense session, we will go through the seven D365 development sins, one-by-one. While you might not be committing all the sins, you will walk away from this session with knowledge of how to become an even better D365 developer using many amazing open source tools.

Since there is no single "right" tool for a given job, we will demonstrate our tools of choice and point you to some of the alternatives.

The session will be hands-on with real code and live D365-systems to show the immediate benefits of using tools and technologies to take your development skills to the next level as a superstar D365 developer!

Sin #1: Manually uploading web resources to D365.
Sin #2: Using JavaScript.
Sin #3: Repeatedly synchronizing client-side code with D365 while developing.
Sin #4: Writing late bound code.
Sin #5: Using the Plug-in Registration Tool.
Sin #6: No automated tests of your code.
Sin #7: Manually deploying D365 solutions.




Dynamics Power Barcelona 2020


Magnus Gether Sørensen

As a Computer Scientist and Engineer, that loves to improve the way I work, I push the limitations of the xRM SDK daily. My goal as a developer for xRM is to make the developer experience easier for my colleagues. I do this by creating developer tools. Thus, I have gotten the nickname xRM Tooling Wizard. My goal is to bring best practices from both the academic- and real world into the world of Business Applications - and where else applicable.

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