With the explosion in the number of connected devices, organizations have begun to embrace the brave new world of IoT centric business models to disrupt their industries. More companies are beginning to transition their products and line of business applications to be connected. Microsoft IoT Hub, Field Service, and the overall Azure services stack provides a framework for configuring these new platforms. In this session, we will review case studies from two organizations that are reimagining their business models using connected devices and the Microsoft platform. We will examine the inner workings of the solutions and overall architecture being implemented and show how it is impacting revenue, growth, and overall change within their organizations.




365 Saturday Caribbean in Fort Lauderdale


Dustin Domerese

Dustin Domerese is a thought leader and technology innovator within the Microsoft ecosystem and delivers his vast technical experience in the CRM, ERP, and Software Development industries to business leaders, end-users, and technical leaders throughout the community.

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