The transition to the cloud is in the technological rear-view mirror and a new era of microservices and function-based applications is on the horizon. The majority of organizations have successfully lifted their infrastructure and business applications to run in the cloud and are beginning the next step to reimagine their applications in the new frontier of computing. From the use of Microsoft Azure to the enablement of the PowerApps platform, in this session, we will discuss how to select items from the Microsoft stack, successfully architect a scalable solution, encourage organizational readiness, and ensure a successful transition of your business systems into the next technology revolution.




365 Saturday Caribbean in Fort Lauderdale


Dustin Domerese

Dustin Domerese is a thought leader and technology innovator within the Microsoft ecosystem and delivers his vast technical experience in the CRM, ERP, and Software Development industries to business leaders, end-users, and technical leaders throughout the community.

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