This Dynamics 365 Portal uses functionality kindly donated by North52 to power much of the functional logic required for managing the events, registrations, sessions, feedback and prizes/swag. 

We use the following North52 products to help us streamline the development and ongoing operations of this portal:

  • North52 Business Process Activities - the business rules engine helps in a number of areas:
    • Automatic creation of web files from uploaded attachments to custom entities (Events, Speakers, Prizes)
    • Session Builder creation and logic for determining clashes
    • Anonymising Feedback responses where required (removed user/contact information from Feedback record before it is committed to database)
    • Decision Table logic for displaying dynamics buttons (for session registration) and dynamic information tiles (on the event detail pages)
    • Prize draw functionality to randomly select attendees based on the prize criteria of attendee being present or checking in to a certain session

  • North52 Data Packager
    • Managing portal configuration data to be moved easily from development instance to the production instance

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